7 Secret Settings to Restore Slow Computer Speed After Updating Drivers

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In this post I’ll walk through how I manage and test the delivery of Windows Updates to all my clients and servers. The difference is or may be: With no or an empty administrator”-directory, the system doesnt find things and so just (re-)creates them in the new generatetd user profile. With the Personal account setup, there’s an option that says Offline account, and this is exactly what we want and need – a no-nonsense local account that does what you want and expect. Suggestions appear once in a while when you open the Start menu, and they are just that: a suggestion.

This will prevent the screen from automatically rotating and locking the screen in its current orientation. Restore the deleted DLL files from the Recycle bin if you haven’t emptied it. If you have cleared out the recycle bin, restore DLL files with EaseUS data recovery software mentioned before. However, this feature is codenamed Project Rome” and was previously referred to as Cross-Device Experiences”. From a new text message or ATI dll files email to your friends’ latest social media posts, the notifications never stop.

After completing the steps, toast notifications will display on screen for the amount of time that you specified. To set Quiet Hours n the Microsoft Teams mobile app, tap the menu icon, then Notifications. This ensures WSU Windows devices will be able to connect to campus update servers whether on campus or not. Below, let’s run through the basics of laptop touch screens and why you might (or might not) want one.

If you have incorrect drivers installed for your graphics card or sound card, you may see errors relating to d3dx9_24.dll or another Direct-X DLL file. Hard drive upgrade is the most effective way to remove " low disk space warning ". If you have the budget to purchase a larger hard drive, you can choose any of the following methods. Description: This article will show you how to disable automatic driver updates in Windows 10.

Double-click on AltTabSettings and change its value data to 1, then click OK. Make sure that you’ve selected the Enabled option and that under the Options section, the Disable regedit from running silently is set to Yes. Not Configured – If this option is selected, the ‘Install Updates and Shut Down’ option will be the default option in the Shut Down Windows dialog box if updates are available for installation at the time the user selects the Shut Down option in the Start menu.

However, this will only help if you are using an older version than 1803 Windows 10, and you only have a local account. While I liked to keep in the taskbar all the time, if you like it on the Start menu, you can choose to show additional folders there. The Start Menu has existed in Windows-based operating systems for over twenty years. The issue is being attributed to the Windows 10 KB4512941 update and the Group Policy or Registry entry for how Windows Search and Bing (Microsoft’s online search engine) work together, according to Tech Radar.

Also, Windows 10 automatically chooses whether to use Bluetooth or WiFi for wireless file sharing. If you do want to see notifications from a few important people, click or tap "Add contacts" and choose those people from your contacts. But Microsoft’s designers have actually turned the once-colorful Start menu into watery gruel with a less-than-impressive visual update. The feature uses hardware virtualization and the Microsoft Hypervisor technology to create a lightweight environment (using around 100MB of space) to install and run an untrusted application.

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