How to Generate References with LaTeX (BibTeX)

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I’m going to show you how to use bibtex so I’ve got a new text maker document here and it’s going to be APA so let’s go document class article then we’re going to use a package we’re going to use package APA site we’re just going to put in a title author and then we’re going to begin document we’re going to make title and here we’re going to go bibliography style and then I’m going to use APA site in this example and then we’re going to go bibliography and then here you’re going to include the file name so I’m going to call it references and we have to create this file now so I’m going to save this on my desktop as demo and then also on my desktop I’m going to create a file called references got bib and this and this need to match okay and just going to build this for now now let’s say I want to include a citation I’m going to say you know some claim and then we’re going to go site and we have to include what we’re going to cite in there so right here I have an I Triple E article that I want to cite so I’m going to take this and the easiest way to get a bib text is to go to Google Scholar so Google Scholar paste in your article and here we’re going to go site and one of the options we can cite it with is bibtex so go to that and take this go to your references and plop it in there and now this is the name of the article we want to cite so go back here and plop that in there okay and if you try to compile it right now it’s not going to work because it doesn’t know what we’re what we’re talking about because we haven’t run bibtex so we so to do that we have to go f11 so f11 and then press it again presidential times and then compile again with f1 and it’ll include the reference and you can see you know that’s automatically formatted for us it’s really nice but it’s not referenced up here expect to build it again and boom now we have a reference okay and is that easy and one of the beautiful things about this is let’s say you don’t want to use a PA you want to use I use the I Triple E as one a lot you can go change that to use I Triple E get rid of this APA site change this to use I Triple E build it again I’m gonna we’re going to rebuild the bibtex rebuild this and boom now it’s cited in a different format but it’s also auto-generated for us that’s the really nice thing about the decks

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