Golden Eights (Reel Slot)

A 5 reel game, 1 pay line and up to 100 bets to be chosen by the player. This model provides access to a round of free games without credit discount for the player and random multiplier for the round of free games. After obtaining the combination that enables the free games, the 1st and 5th reels will automatically spin and, with the player´s intervention, the game will provide a random number of free games and the applicable multiplier. The first reel will show the number of free games, while the fifth one will show the multiplier for the free games obtained.


  • 1 Player
  • Bill Acceptors JCM UBA 10SS
  • Ticket Printer Epic Ithaca 950
  • SAS 6.02
  • Can be connected to all type of paying systems with Rfid key, cards, TITO and cashless.