Grand Crystal & Top1 Roulette (12 Terminals)

This dual Roulette includes to the classical GRAND CRYSTAL and the Top 1 Roulette that has unique game mechanics. Top1 instead of having one ball and slots on a wheel has multiple balls in a dome shaped enclosure, which are blown around (similar to national lottery or bingo games) and then one ball is lifted up by a mechanical arm. This way, a single number result is generated.


  • 12 Players
  • 2 Cylinders
  • Mega Topper Sign 2*58’’ TV
  • 4*32’’ Display
  • HD Camera
  • Led Ring With Ball Display
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Bill Acceptors JCM UBA 10SS
  • Ticket Printer Epic Ithaca 950
  • SAS 6.02
  • Can be connected to all type of paying systems with Rfid key, cards , TITO and cashless.

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